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Lisa has been making & decorating bespoke cakes since 1995. She also makes a fabulous range of cakes, cheesecakes & desserts for local coffee shops and parties.

A Cake Poem

For every celebration there's a very special cake,
And these are the type that it's my job to make!
Every special event, even the most obscure occasions,
For weddings and birthdays of all your loved relations.

Christenings and graduations I do them all,
Sizes range from fairy cakes to really rather tall!
No matter how many tiers, no matter the design,
I've done party scenes and storybooks, even cakes for Christmas time!

Cakes for any age, cakes for every taste,
Cakes done with real care and people think they're ace.
I've made teapots so life-like that people think they're real,
I've made radios and telephones, and cars with tiny wheels.

Everything that's on my cakes is sugar and pure icing,
And customers find them entirely enticing.
My cakes are the happy memories that you can also eat,
Try my cakes today for a very lovley treat!

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